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Solar Ventilation Solutions

The right ventilation will make a difference in your home or business’ overall energy efficiency. This won’t use as much fuel if an estate is well ventilated. This will be a huge benefit to you and your energy bills. One of the newest and most energy-efficient ventilation products on the market today is solar ventilation.

Solar ventilation units absorb heat energy that is collected on top of each unit by the sensors. Once they have the energy they need, they are powered by their vents and fans. It’s very efficient way to ventilate your home or business property.

If the Houston heat is just too intense and open windows and winds are not adequate, NHRS Roofing solar attic fans could be the solution. Once they exceed a certain temperature or humidity level, we can install solar attic fans that are set to turn on. Using these massive fans on warm or rainy days is a huge waste of money.

Using these massive fans on warm or rainy days is a huge waste of money. Help reduce your bills of power by installing solar attic vents that only work when you need them.

Contact NHRS Roofing for quality home insulation that won’t run your energy bills. We have the energy-efficient and sustainable options that you are searching for. To live comfortably and save money, contact us today.

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Roof Maintenance Plans

A great deal of organizations practice a technique of conceded material upkeep instead of a proactive methodology. This diminishes your transient expenses however definitely prompts expanded upkeep costs later and in any event, material disappointments because of disregard.

NHRS Roofing started to maintain rooftops in the Houston, Texas area with care and quality over 20 years ago. Our roof maintenance programs are hand crafted to your needs and your financial goals. We work intimately with you to plan the best support program for your rooftop, whether it be your home or business, and all upkeep work is performed by our highly-talented and certified roofers.

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Roof Skylight Solutions

Introducing a bay window can be a wonderful and basic approach to upgrade normal lighting in your home or office. We introduce lookout windows as a major aspect of our material administrations.

Lookout windows take after a window yet are put in the top of a home. This enables daylight to come through overhead. They upgrade the feel of a house and give various advantages, including medical advantages and cost decrease.

The daylight coming through bay windows can make a quieting and loosening up condition and decrease vitality costs. The expanded normal lighting lessens the requirement for the utilization of fake lights in a home, prompting lower power costs. This is an extraordinary method to lessen vitality costs without placing in a lot of exertion. Measurably, in the wake of introducing a lookout window, vitality cost decreases normal as much as a 10% abatement.

With respect to medical advantages, normal lighting can lift your state of mind and even make you feel more beneficial. Daylight goes about as a characteristic disinfectant, killing mold, buildup and microscopic organisms. With a bay window, you can might have the option to inhale simpler in your own home and have less days off. You can even get your primary care physician prescribed 20 minutes of daylight for each day without heading outside.